Aug 17, 2018

Cérémonie Lt. Haugan W. Figgis

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To the Honorable Grabriel Guellec. Mayor of the Municipality of Pouldergat, France
Dear Mr.Guellec, and to all of the townspeople of Pouldergat,
Please accept my heartfelt "Thank You" for all that you have done to honor my late husband, Lt. Haugan W. Figgis. You have touched my heart and soul in so many ways!
First, for the commemoration of your town park in his name. What a magnificent way to place his name in the rolls of the history of World War II. I know that he would have been truly touched and honored. I also know that he was not only proud to serve his country, but to serve France, as well, in the efforts to liberate your country from the tragedies of war. I know, too, from his stories, how eternally grateful he was to the people of Pouldergat, for their care and kindness when he bailed out of his plane and into your field, so many years ago.
Secondly, the Exhibition that was made possible by you and your people was exceptional! I know that from all of the pictures and explanations that my family shared with me. What an amazing piece for the history books to maintain and share with generations to come. I re-read and review the pictures and videos often, and each time feeling more and more reverent for all that you and your people endured, and each time feeling the emotions of the time.
And thirdly, but certainly not least, Mr. Guellec, the generous warmth and hospitality with which you welcomed my daughter, Maggie Figgis van Galen, my granddaughter, Kate Figgis-Hoffman and her husband, Justin Hoffman was absolutely outstanding! It was an emotional journey for them, and I know they left carrying a special place in their hearts for you and and the town forever.
 "Thank You" never seems enough for all that you have done for me and my family. I hope you can feel my deepest gratitude and appreciation and love. You and your people have given us beautiful, emotional ties that will last a lifetime. THANK YOU!
With my very best thoughts and wishes for you all.
Hope Figgis